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Re: [IP] Something sent to our Endo team

> A crack may develop after the vial has been opened
>and quality control testing performed. Since the test strip results are
>inaccurate when exposed to moisture, a crack in the vial will impact the
>reliability of subsequent tests.

The above is very interesting. Years ago I was warned by a developer at
Miles Labs to immediately close the vial when a strip was removed. My dtr
went to an OB when pg and I was with her. The nurse did a dip-stick test and
left the vial open the entire test (1 min?). With 50 strips in that vial,
that would mean if she was consistent, that vial was open for, well, 50

The other day I was in a pee-ologist's office and saw an open vial on the
counter top with no patient around. How long would that vial be open? Can
you trust the accuracy of these tests???? This is disturbing to me since it
seems to be a common practice of those on whom we depend for correct

Maybe that's why lab-draw tests are much more accurate.

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