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Re: [IP] New bra band

I put my pump in an infant sock and wear it in my bra.  It doesn't move
around and its very comfortable.  I've even worn it in the band part under
my arm without it going anywhere.

Also, wanted to add my two cents about the new spring clip for the Paradigm.
I just got it and I love it!  Its very secure, not bulky like the holster.
Medtronic only charged me $8.00 for it.

And last but not least.  I'm very vocal when it comes to my displeasure
about some of Medtronic practices and policies.  I think its only fair to
speak about my positive experience.  I called on Friday evening (Central
Time)to place my quarterly order for supplies.  I was very interested in
having the new clip before we left on vacation this morning.  My supplies
arrived yesterday afternoon.  Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

Jan Clinthorne
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