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[IP] Re: Freestyle BG Monitor & Co Pilot

My son has been using the Freestyle and loves it. As far as he knows it uses
the smallest amount of blood, which is very important for someone who test
many times a day. Customer service is wonderful if you have any questions. We
check the calibration every 3 months when Jack gets his A1c done. It is a very
durable monitor for a 13 year old. I manually entered info into the Co-Pilot
system for 2 weeks. (not fun) Now he has the PDA with the Therasense Tracker
system. In one minute all the info from the tracker is entered into the
computer and the Co-Pilot so I can see Jack's statistics. In the past 2 weeks
I only found 2 glitches with the tracker. When you are low, and take in carbs,
it has to be listed as a "meal". When you are high & do a correction , there
is no category for corrections or adjustment. From what I understand their
adjustment screen is for people on needles not pumpers. They told me to ignore
the adjustment screen. Jack feels he is in much more control with the Tracker
system.  He also likes the control of entering his info into a PDA which is a
hit with kids. Jack is enjoying the new watermelon glucose tabs, but the
rasberry are still his favorite. He is still using the D-Tron (has a backup
pump), but Distetronic says the will be sending us the D-Tron plus as a
replacement by April due to the recall. We highly recommend the D-Tron.
Service & help are always available. Jack does a set change every 4th day and
an humalog cartridge change every 3rd or 4th day depending on miles per
cartridge.  We also love the Frio pouches for transporting xtra insulin for
day or overnight trips. They have beads inside that fill up when submersed in
water. It keeps the insulin cool.
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