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[IP] Bleeding from insertion site

I am a new user of the paradigm (2 months now), and so far everything has 
been going great!  However, the other day I had my pump disconnected while I 
was playing basketball, and when I went to reconnect it, I could see some 
blood through the tape.  I didn't think much of it, just reattatched my pump 
and went on with my day.  The next day it was time to change my insertion 
site and when I removed the tape and the catheter, bright red blood squirted 
out (sorry for the graphic description) and continued to do so for quite some 
time.  It took about 30 minutes of direct pressure to get it to stop 
bleeding.  Has anyone else had this experience, or should I be worried?  I 
use the quickset insertion set if that makes a difference. 

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