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[IP] Re: Can we get our pumps insured?

At 10:36 PM 2/26/03, Barbara wrote:
>Now I am very sorry that I didn't have such
>a thing as my diamond from my engagement ring (huge sentimental and financial
>value) fell out and was lost while I was cleaning the house Saturday.  :(
>I'm just hoping that the gaping hole in the ring isn't a bad omen....

I lost the diamond from my engagement ring last year.  Figured it was a 
loss, but decided to call my insurance company anyhow, I figured the worst 
they could do was say "no".  Surprise, surprise, they covered my diamond on 
my basic homeowner's insurance, but since I didn't have a special rider for 
jewelry, I had to pay the deductible.  But I got a better diamond than the 
original for the price of the deductible.  My point is, don't assume 
anything, contact your insurance company and get the facts on what is or is 
not covered.  It may vary from company to company and state to state and 
even country to country.

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