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[IP] Ultra Smart and Watermelon DEX

I have two good news items to share with you all tonight:

One--I got the One Touch UltraSmart just now.  It was the ONLY one that my
pharmacy had and I had to call ahead and reserve it and then drive out there
to pick it up (I have a mail out pharmacy).  I have been playing with it and
it is a very cool meter on steroids!  :)

Two--While waitin in the tiny walk in part of the pharmacy I noticed a larg
jar of Watermelon flavored Glucose Tablets.  It was the only one on the
shelf and I remembered the watermolon dex discussion on the list and decided
that I woul snatch it up.  I asked the pharmacists assistant if the mailed
out the over the counter stuff to non-pharmacy customers she said "Yes of
course!"  which means that those of you that want to have the watermelon dex
should e-mail me and I will give you the order line for the pharmacy and you
can get your dex by mail!  They are US$4.50 for a bottle of 50.

hope all is well

Wesley (dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha since monday)
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