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Re: [IP] re: the term "brittle" diabetes

> "Serena Shapiro" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >I actually was referring to eating the exact kind/amount of food (say
> >10 water crackers) and getting entirely different bgs for the same
> >insulin/car ratio. serena, dx'd '76, pumping since 1989
> I find this to be true also.  I eat the same exact breakfast and do
> the same activity every morning and can have bgs anywhere from being
> too low to too high.  I never thought of it as being brittle, just the
> "joys" of having diabeasties.
> RoseLea
> dxd 1963, pumping 2000

 Though I haven't been a diabetic as long as Roselea [dxed '64] ;>) I will
confirm her
 observations. I will also add that I think the term "brittle" is about as
accurate phrase to
 use for diabetics as the term "non-compliant". In other words, I think it is an
 used by doctors that do not have any greater understanding about what happens
in our
 lives than we do, and just tend to push the problem back on us. I refuse to
accept the
 term "brittle diabetic" just as I refuse to accept a diabetic being called

So to the docs that use those terms, all I say is   :>p,,,,,   on you!

George    ;>)
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