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Re: [IP] New Pump!

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From: "Jon Wagner" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 7:48 PM
Subject: [IP] New Pump!

> I have had my pump now since last wed. I have read everything I could
> find, talked to my sales rep and the trainer manager till I am sure they
> are sick of me :) though for what the cost is, I am sure they would
> gladly double my phone calls if I wished it.  The good news is I
> officially start pumping tomorrow.  Needless to say I am just a bit
> nervous about the whole idea.  It really hit home when I did not have to
> take my ultra lente this evening and have actually put it away so I
> would not forget and take it tomorrow.
> Wish me luck, my trainer manager called me tonight and answered every
> question I could come up with at that time, spent almost an hour on the
> phone with me.  He was not a salesman, he was checking to make sure we
> were on the same page as far as insulin sensitivity, and carb coverage.
> My actual trainer is a transplant nurse who will stay with my, at least
> by phone, for the next 48 + hours, then switch over to email should I
> have further questions.  I do not know how the other pumps compare on
> start up and assurances, though I am sure they are all about the same
> but I am very pleased so far with the help and guidance I have gotten
> with getting ready to use my Dtron-Plus :)
> Thanks to all of you for your guidance and input.
> Jon Wagner
> dx'ed 11/11/94
> starting pumpt 2/26/03
> type whatever :)
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Good going, Jon

I also have just got started with my new Dtron+ (last dose of UL 2/23).  And
I also had a good teacher in my trainer.  I was surprised when I came home
from the training session that I retained most of what we'd gone over
although it had seemed so complicated when I was just reading from the

I started pumping Sunday 8am, and its been very easy NOT to take shots.
I am still having much wider excursions in my bG numbers than  I want, but
only one reading below 60 since I started which is an improvement.  I expect
to start trying to check my overnight basal rates tomorrow.  It is so easy
to bolus for meals and corrections!!!!
And the dosages can be SO precise, not just plus or minus 1/4 of a unit,  or
if this dose of UL is fast or slow.  Finally, a tool for good control, not
just shooting at it.

Good luck,  Sarah
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