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[IP] Can we get our pumps insured?

> <<I asked if they knew of anywhere where I could obtain a policy that
> would cover the loss of the pump from theft as well as accidental
> destruction like falling on it, dropping it and it breaking, or even my dog
> chewing it while I'm sleeping. All I got was a NO.>>

There are some homeowners policies that do cover things like that, accidental 
destruction, losing an item, etc.  I was once offered it at renewal time, but 
declined due to the extra cost.  Now I am very sorry that I didn't have such 
a thing as my diamond from my engagement ring (huge sentimental and financial 
value) fell out and was lost while I was cleaning the house Saturday.  :(    
I'm just hoping that the gaping hole in the ring isn't a bad omen.... 

Your regular homeowners policy should cover the pump against loss by fire or 
theft, no matter where the pump is at the time of loss.  But if in doubt, 
just give them a call.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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