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[IP] RE: Early a.m. exercise question

KarenL -

I think I know what you are talking about with exercise.  I recently 
switched from being an "after work" (5pm) exerciser to a "before work" 
exerciser (somehow I get up!).  My doctor informed me a while ago that while 
you still have insulin running through your system (from previous lunch, 
snack, etc.), your muscles use this "extra" insulin while you exercise to 
bring down your blood sugars (therefore, why you needed an extra snack if 
you are in the normal range).  So, when I exercise after work (which is 
usually within 3-4 hours since my last bolus, I know that I need to start at 
160-ish (I disconnect while working out and work out vigorously for an hour) 
to end at around 80-ish after the workout.  If I am at 200-ish...I know that 
I cannot give the full correction bolus, as the insulin I put into my body 
will be magnified due to the workout and I would go low.  So, it took a 
while to figure this all out and how it relates to my body, but I got it 

So, when I started working out in the AM...there is no extra insulin 
working, since I have just been sleeping...and therefore, I need to be below 
140 in order to not go HIGH after working out.  My doctor also infomed me of 
this phenomenon...everybody has a certain BG "limit" in the case where there 
is no extra insulin working.  My limit is 140-ish....above this number, I 
will go high if I work out...below or right at this number, I stay about the 
same.  Just beware when working out in the AM, and you wake up with a high 
blood sugar...don't fully correct the number...for me, I would only correct 
it to take my blood sugar to 160-170...and then working out does the rest.  
Does this make sense?  I hope so!

Dani Davidson
Almost pumping a year now!

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