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[IP] Re: low protein diet for kidneys - was - IP digest V7 #88

> My father-in-law has been diagnosed with mild
> kidney failure most likely as a result of long term
> mild hypertension which wasn't controlled so
> successfully with antihypertensive medication. Since
> the time of his diagnosis he has dramatically reduced
> his consumption of protein, to the extent he only eats
> vegetables a bit of yogurt and a couple of tortias
> every day. Needles to say he is very thin, cold most
> of the time with low energy.

First, I HAVE to say: Get him to a nephrologist pronto - unless he's already
seeing one.
Here's *my* story:

I recall 80% function, 65% function, then when I hit 50% my endo put me on a
low-protein diet of 51 grams a day - according to my body size/weight. I had
to count every gram of protein including that in greenbeans!! I had to give
up milk and use Carnation Cremora liquid (ewwwwwwww!!!!). A year-and-a-half
later I tested at 35% kidney function which was another 15% loss in that 1.5
years. I requested a nephrologist (hereon known as kidneyologist).

My first visit to the k'ologist ;-) he said, "Get off that low-protein
diet - it helps rats but humans are not rats." It took another 8 years to
lose an additional 23% under the care of a neph. BTW, we had a T-Bone dinner
after that first visit. ;-)  They put an orange slice on top of the meat and
when the waitress asked how the dinner was, I said very good but I was
disappointed to eat orange-flavored steak when I didn't have any for 1.5
years. They gave me an orange-slice-less piece to take home. :-)

My *best* advice is to go to a kidneyologist; they specialize in kidneys and
are up on all the latest related treatments. An endocriminologist
specializes in the endocrine system (pancreas and thyroid glands are 2 of
them) and not the kidneys. The bad/sad news is, once the kidneys have
dysfunctioned past a certain point, the digression can be delayed, but not
cured. In the meantime, what is the quality of life you father has by eating
this way?

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