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Re: [IP] choosing a pump

At 02:20 PM 2/26/03, Holly wrote:
>I completely understand, as i have just started down the same road.
>here is what i found:
>Disatronic:  great durable pump, lacks in technology
>Minimed: The 508 is great, the Paradigm has some issues - BUT they have
>the best technology.  Small resevoir (150 units) but you change often
>  I went with the Minimed Paradigm - hope that that was a good choice....

Hmmmm must be only the Disetronic H-Tron+ that you looked at.  The D-Tron+ 
has lots of technology, even the ability to download to your computer, from 
what I understand.  I have an H-Tron+ and while it does lack some features, 
it's a very easy and simple pump to operate and, yes, very durable.  The 
best feature about the Disetronic pumps is that you get a backup, just in 
case.  If I do something to kill my pump, I have a backup and don't have to 
wait for a loaner, I just hook up the spare pump and it's like nothing 
happened.  I like that insurance.

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