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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #88

When my mother-in-law was diagnosed in kidney failure, she was put on a 
low protein diet. I believe I remember that excess protein speeds the 
decline of the kidney. She was only allowed 1.5 grams of protein a day! 
(Yes, one point five)
You should talk with a renal dietitian, they should have arranged for 
him to see one at the time of the diagnosis. Here's a site with info   
It is a very restrictive diet, but the dietitian should be able to make 
smoe helpful suggestions. Good luck!
My mother-in-law spent 5-6 years in early kidney failure and now is in 
end stage renal failure and on dialysis. She did not do a very good job 
of following the diet...I can't really tell you how much of an impact 
had on the progress of her disease. (She also has type II which she 
does nothing to control.)

mom to Patrick, 16, Sean 14, Catherine, 11, and Veronica, 7, dxd 
3/11/02 and NOW soon to be pumping!

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