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Re: [IP] Can we get our pumps insured?

    My Homeowner's insurance company told me that I could add the pump, for
a fee, to our existing policy. They said it would cover the pump in case of
loss from fire or theft. I asked them if they would cover accidental
destruction and they said no.
    Since I wear the pump all of the time it would be unlikely that it will
ever be stolen, and if it burns up in a fire, well . . . I'll be attached to
it as a large hunk of ashes also!
    I asked if they knew of anywhere where I could obtain a policy that
would cover the loss of the pump from theft as well as accidental
destruction like falling on it, dropping it and it breaking, or even my dog
chewing it while I'm sleeping. All I got was a NO.
    Maybe Lloyd's of London? <grin>

Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----
> Has anyone insured their pump for loss or otherwise?
> How can I do this?
> Denise
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