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[IP] retinopathy

Now, I have only had my eyes dialated and the doctor did a visual 
check of
my retinas.  I have not had the dye exam done.  One endo I had 
mentioned the
dye exam, but when I asked my opthamologist about it he said he didn't 
I needed it, but he would do it if I wanted.  I decided to wait until 
I knew
more about it.  Does anyone know what that exam is and and any 
advantage to
having it done?
 retinal angiography is a benign procedure in which a dye which is 
flourescent under uv light is injected into your vein and is followed 
as it circulates thru the retinal blood vessels. it is much more 
sensitive then a visual inspection of the blood vessels by the eye 
alone. it can see tiny leaks, small grape like clusters of abnormal 
blood vessels, leaks into the subretinal space and other areas of 
vascular pathology. the only hazard is possible allergy to the dye 
itself. I had this and developed scalp itching, for sure it could have 
been worse.Also had a disasterous hemorrhage and retinal detachment 
too. spot

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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