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[IP] staph carrier

If you are a staph carrier, is it possible to get rid of it by
> taking antibiotics for a period of time?  Just curious.  I thought I
> read something about that once.

My understanding is that it's permanent, but I don't know a >lot about 
 it other than there are people on the list that are "blessed" >with 
this. It is
benign for the carrier except when there are open wounds,
>etc.... Perhaps someone more knowledgable can provide an answer.
being a staph carrier is a common curse for diabetic folks as well as 
non diabetic folks. when you obtain this state of infected bliss 
taking antibiotics only makes it worse. it makes it more virulent by 
selecting out the most nasty bacteria and you cannot clean yourself of 
these bacteria with antibiotics, only make it worse.stay away from 
antibiotics under most circumstances as they get to selecting super 
bugs. nasty bacteria, the opoosite of what you want. soap, hot water 
and scrubbing the skin well is the best way to rid the skin of these 
bugs. spot

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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