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[IP] Freestyle BG Monitor and Co-Pilot - Ontario, Canada Pumpers Only

Are any of you thinking of switching to the Therasense Freestyle monitor or at
least trying it out? I recently decided to try the Freestyle BG monitor,
having heard  many good things about it from I-Pers. I currently use the Dex
(now called Ascensia for some unknown reason, at least in Canada).  I like the
Dex for the convenience factor.... ten strips in one and no individual strips
to load. But I wanted a meter with better data management tools.  I really
want the Tracker but it's not approved yet in Canada.

Anyway, when I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy the meter, they gave it to me
for free with the purchase of 100 strips ($89.99 which is what I pay for 100
Dex strips)!  The regular price for the meter was $40.00.  The pharmacist told
me this was being offered by the Therasense rep that she deals with. And I got
the data connect cable  for uploads to the Freestyle  Co-Pilot Web Based Data
Management System also for free by calling the customer support line for
Therasense. With Dex, I had to pay for it . I received the cable and software
the day after ordering.  I don't know if this offer is available throughout
Ontario or Canada or if it's only at Shoppers Drug Mart  but if you're
interested in  trying this meter you may want to check it out.

Beth Gearing
who does not work for Therasense or Shoppers Drug Mart
Pumping with MM508 since 04/01 and now using  a Paradigm
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