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[IP] re: the term "brittle" diabetes

I have always been told that I have "brittle" diabetes and notice in postings
others using this term.  I am a person who basically eats the exact same thing
for breakfast and lunch (suppers tend to differ) for months on end and then
switch to another breakfast and lunch for another long period.  I can bolus
the same amount of insulin for say, breakfast, do exactly the same amount of
activity afterwards and come up with totally different blood sugar responses
day to day.  I am wondering if this kind of response to insulin is what others
define as "brittle" diabetes. It does amaze me that often I read postings here
which seem to indicate a more controlled response from insulin than I have
ever gotten.  While I give 1 unit for 10 carbs it definitely doesn't always
work out that way.  serena dx'd '76, pumping with "panacea" since 1989.
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