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[IP] Sacral Neuropathy

>>> I have been diagnosed with sacral neuropathy (S1 area).
The neurologist said, I have it on both sides without an H response.
>>>you may mean sacral

My 2 cents....
Since Andrea mentioned her neurologist diagnosed this condition, it probably 
is sacral neuropathy, esp as the doc referred to the lack of an H response.
Here is a link to a Medscape article on Diagnosing Diabetic Autonomic 
Neuropathy that you may be interested in. It has a lot of medicalese (new 
word) but I think is a good overview. 
Basically, neuropathy can strike anywhere and have produce any type of 
symptom, although pain, burning, etc., are most common.
I am glad to hear that the pain is somewhat under control for you.
Let me know if that link does not work (send private e-mail) and I will try 
to cut and paste the article or send it individually as a word doc.

Stop me if I get too doctor like :-) ...well maybe just slow me down a bit.

Joann, Mom to Cara
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