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Re: [IP] Re: kids say the darndest things - OT


I have really stepped into it!  My remark to the little brat who obviously
has no respect for adults was a toss off sort of thing.  I can assure
everyone on this list that he was not traumatized in any manner.  He went on
with his business and so did I.

I have worked with children from cub scouts and campfire girls, through boy
scouts and high school marching band.  In all that time, I have always
looked for chances to praise a child in his/her attempts.

AOL instant messanger has a "rate the girls" contest.  Well, I skew the
results because everyone of those girls (over 18, but girls compared to my
age) gets a rating of 10.  Yes, I see that as an attempt by these people to
be validated.  I am astonished that some people will use a rating of 2 or 3.
I never thought of that as helpful.

So, I am nice to kids in general.  I also like kittens and puppies.

Mandatory diabetic comment:  You might say I'm a sweet guy!

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