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[IP] New Pump!

I have had my pump now since last wed. I have read everything I could
find, talked to my sales rep and the trainer manager till I am sure they
are sick of me :) though for what the cost is, I am sure they would
gladly double my phone calls if I wished it.  The good news is I
officially start pumping tomorrow.  Needless to say I am just a bit
nervous about the whole idea.  It really hit home when I did not have to
take my ultra lente this evening and have actually put it away so I
would not forget and take it tomorrow.

Wish me luck, my trainer manager called me tonight and answered every
question I could come up with at that time, spent almost an hour on the
phone with me.  He was not a salesman, he was checking to make sure we
were on the same page as far as insulin sensitivity, and carb coverage.
My actual trainer is a transplant nurse who will stay with my, at least
by phone, for the next 48 + hours, then switch over to email should I
have further questions.  I do not know how the other pumps compare on
start up and assurances, though I am sure they are all about the same
but I am very pleased so far with the help and guidance I have gotten
with getting ready to use my Dtron-Plus :)

Thanks to all of you for your guidance and input.

Jon Wagner
dx'ed 11/11/94
starting pumpt 2/26/03
type whatever :)
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