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[IP] Paradigm Clip and new OneTouch UltraSmart...

Just wanted to report that I got my new clip on Monday (wow, that was
yesterday!?) and it RULES... it's NOT bulky at all, it's actually quite
streamlined and very strong.. I'm super impressed, it was well worth the
wait, but I still wish there was no wait at all for this ;)  I've been going
"free" with my paradigm 90% of the time since I got it in July, and this is
soooooooooo much better.. I love my new clip :)

Also, I paid "extra" for overnight delivery.. which would have placed my
clip at about $26, but they seem to have only charged me about $16 for it
shipped (so it shows in PayPal since I used my business debit card).. so...
I dunno :P

And, I'm soooo excited to see that the new OneTouch meter is getting ready
to come out.. I've also been waiting on this one for a loooong time, and
I've already ordered one from Drugstore.com and it should be here Friday :)
I'm not bothering to mess around with my Dr's office/insurance to get an
Rx/Approval for this, I've wanted it since I heard about it, and I'm happy
to pay for it ;)

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