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[IP] Re:School pump training

RE: what to put in the "training" at your child's school:

We just put together "standard operating procedures" document for our 
toddler daughter's daycare.  Largely we were guided by our provider's 
experience (she has had other "special-needs" children at her home 
before, so she knew what is necessary to satisfy the city agency which 
oversees daycare providers).  Our "Standard operating procedures" 

- child's name, birthdate, condition (type I diabetes)
- parent's names and contact phone #'s
- physician's names and phone #'s (we listed both the endo team and the 
regular pediatrician)
- explain when to call 911 (we said - only if she's unconscious and 
unresponsive, but give glucagon first and THEN call 911)
- explain when to call parents (we said - always call a parent first, 
unless it's a 911 call as listed above)
- explain when to call which doctor (we said - only if you can't reach 
either parent)
- define her insulin dose schedule - list type of insulin used, 
delivery method (she's still on shots now), when she gets doses, and 
how big each dose is
- explain how to use the glucagon kit
- "if you suspect that something is wrong, check child's blood sugar"
- "when in doubt, try to feed her - the biggest danger for her is low 
blood sugar"
- basic medical instructions for non-diabetes issues (first 
aid/injuries/illness: treat as for any other child)
- basic feeding instructions - feeding times, what to feed her, how 
much, what not to feed her
- every page is signed and dated by each parent
- each page has a note at the footer with this info: "child's name: 
care and feeding instructions: revised on (date): page x of y"

Because this is on paper, and it's posted at the daycare, anyone can 
step in and do the right thing even if our provider is unavailable.  
This may seem like a lot but now that we've written up these 
procedures, they should be a big help for any other babysitter that we 
might ever find.....

PS - hate calling diabetes a "special need" - it barely counts - but 
the city agency overseeing daycare facilities does consider it such.  
Our provider incidentally seems to be the only one they have ever 
encountered who was willing to give shots - it has thrown them for a 
loop ( in a city of 200,000 people, and they've never seen this 

Maria & David
mom & dad to Sigrid: dx'd @ 11 mos., 16 mos. now, hope to be pumping 
next month!
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