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[IP] Disetronic Users

I have been using a D-tron since Jan 8/02.  It doesn't come with a back up
pump, instead an insulin pen is supplied for "back up".  I have had my pump
replaced 3 times in the past year.  Once was for a possible problem with the
piston rod (I think the real problem was the lot of pre-filled cartridges that
I was using), once was for a problem with batteries - one to two days after
replacing the power pack I would get an alarm that the battery was low so an
electrical connection problem was suspected, and the third time one of the
buttons (the arrow up button) stopped working.  The only time I truly needed a
back up was when the button failed, the other two times my pump was still
working fine and I continued to use it until my replacement was shipped.  The
technical support people thought it was better to be safe and replace the pump
both times rather than continuing to have alarms for occulsions and low
batteries.  When the up button failed, I luckily was able to borrow a spare
pump from my diabetes education centre until I received a loaner pump from
disetronic 4 days later.  Apparently the D-tron is being recalled by
disetronic and I will be upgraded to the D-tron Plus soon.  I am looking
forward to having a spare pump -- just in case.  I love my D-tron .

diagnosed Dec/92
pumping since Jan/02
10 weeks & 3 days pregnant!!!!!
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