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Re: [IP] Re: over the counter cold meds

> Be careful using over the counter stuff.  I remember one time I used some
> Dimetapp--used to be a prescription years ago and I had used it--so I used
> the OTC strength.

What you are talking about is probably the syrup.  But I had an ENT tell me
to use Dimetapp Extentabs, which I did, for years, all as a diabetic.  They
took it off the market when the FDA banned PPP and never reformulated it or
brought it back.  I still miss that stuff.

So I guess YMMV.

I used to get chronic sinus infections, and started using the OTC stuff when
I asked a pharmacist what was acceptable for me as a diabetic to use.  When
he said, "Basically, nothing," I gave up on being a good diabetic in
frustration and started using the stuff.  I've never noticed a problem, but
I wonder about it sometimes.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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