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Re: [IP] Horrible social experience!

> > Also, since he is pursuing OB/GYN he is most unlikely to know much about
> > endocrinology or pediatrics.
> Actually, it is frequently the OB/GYN who circumcises the male baby.  Why
> that is I don't really understand; it doesn't make any sense at all.  But
> know that that is most often the case.

When my son was born in Ohio, he was handed off to a pediatrician right
after birth.

The pediatrician came in and said he wanted to discuss circumcision.  We
told him that it was our intention not to have him circumcised.

The pediatrician gave a sigh of relief and said,  "Good that saves me the
trouble of trying to talk you out of it."

This is definitely a situation where YMMV.

Mandatory diabetes comment.  I would bet that circumcision would raise a
blood sugar.

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