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[IP] Re: kids say the darndest things - OT

> Chris--you be careful what you say to kids!!!!  One can never tell when
> kidding around with a child can backfire on you!  My husband is the same
> as you, sort of likes to kid around and doesn't think about what he's
> saying!!!!  (My oldest son likes to wear shorts in the snow too!)

My son admired Dale Taylor, whom he called Tall Taylor. He wanted to grow
tall just like TT. Son was leaving for first grade one a.m. and his belt was
obviously drawn way too tight. I told him he should loosen it or he could
hurt his insides. Son protested and said, "Tall Taylor told me to do that
and to eat green
beans and hot dogs (long skinny things) so I'd grow tall like him." I had to
convince him that would not work - but the influence that one sentence had
on my son could have lasted for a long time had I not been aware.

If ONE person in jest tells a young girl she's ugly it will be a longggggg
time for her to believe all the positive comments otherwise. I always try to
compliment a young girl
wearing dress or coat, etc. at church that I would have really liked at that
age. This bolsters her confidence and self-worth. I
heard a man Sunday who was introduced to an 11-y/o visitor by his wife, tell
her a couple of times she was pretty. By normal standards, she was not
exceptional at all, but his telling her that will remain with her for a long

Chris--you be careful what you say to kids!!!! (I copied and pasted that)

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