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[IP] running shoes

i run 3000 miles a year and i only wear 1 pair of running shoes at a time.  
usually, my runs occur at about the same time of day, and leaving them by my 
bureau for the intervening 22 hours let's them dry out pretty well.  the 
proper fit is the key.  i go to a local running shop when i have to change 
brands or models and they fit me.  i buy the first pair from them, then the 
next pair or pairs at RNJsports.com, simply THE best and CHEAPEST source of 
running shoes in the USA without question.  they also have an 800 number whic 
is (800) 842-9738.  if you call, ask for Jeff and tell him that tom from nj 
recommended him.  he is very good and shipping is ALWAYS only $4.50.

good luck and keep on pumpin'................

tom from nj
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