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[IP] Early a.m. exercise question


If my experience is of any validation for you.  Since diagnosis (first on
shots and then on the pump) and until recently I always exercised in the
mornings I was told to never exercise in the late afternoon or night (to
avoid lows at night while sleeping.)  Now, say 1-month or so ago, I started
going at lunch or after work (I figure I would use the greatness of pumping
to its fullest.)  If I woke up say in the 90s or low 100s, have no snack
before or while,  I would be within 10 points after 30 minutes of hard
cardio.  I used to not drop while exercising but would drop hard an hour to
2 hours later.  I took care of this problem by ex-carbing from my breakfast
and all was good. 

Maybe you can try not having the snack if you wake up with good BG and test
in the middle of the workout, or if you want the snack B4 exercise have with
a complete or partial bolus.  For me, it worked out that I could not have
food upon waking for 30 min due taking Levoxyl (Thyroid pill) on an empty
stomach.  By the time I could eat, I was already exercising.

Well, now (when I exercise at lunch time or after work) I drop 30-60 points
while exercising.  It is very frustrating because  I have to either reduce
my basals 90min before (which means I would have the luxury to know that I
will be going for sure and not had to cancel due to last minute meetings) or
have an extra snack or part of my lunch or dinner, or some sports drink
while exercising (= more calories).  I do not let it reach 200 (since I am
one of those compulsive types)  but I do have the extra carb right before
starting (while setting up the machine) or drink it while exercising so
while I'm dropping my body is replenishing.   Although I exercise to keep my
diabetes in control, I would lie if  I did not say that I do expect some
reward from the effort in terms of loosing inches or pounds.  I know I could
reduce the extra carbs consumed from my dinner but I honestly really do
since I am starving after the workout.

I am still working on getting my system for afternoon exercise down (I am in
the opposite boat than you :o)  Be patient, you will find what works for
you.   Do keep close track and check to see if you are dropping later in the
day due to the exercise (I was told the effects of exercise in a diabetic
body - due to the already infused insulin- )could be seen up 24hours after
the exercise itself.

Well, good luck.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx 2/11/02 Pumping 6/03
>>Karen Lipinsky <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>Recently I (temporarily) changed my workout schedule and found myself 
doing a cardio workout early in the morning a couple of times a week. 
>>Normally I do any exercise at lunch time or after work, and weekend 
activities such as hiking or skiing typically don't happen in the first 
couple of hours after waking up (although to be sure, they have their 
own quirky effects on my bS).

>>Normally, I run myself about 200 before doing an hour of cardio work (or 
have a snack shortly before that would raise me to 200, but don't 
bolus).  This works well for me.  However, with the early morning thing, 
it's all whacked out.  If I wake up high  -- unfortunately this happens 
sometimes -- and don't bolus and work out, I go even higher in the first 
30 minutes.  If I wake up with a good bS, have a snack and work out, 
again, I seem to go high.  If I wake up high, shoot it down with a bolus 
and have a snack, well, with only one data point, that seemed to work, 
but I can't count on waking up high and it was only one time.

>>I know YMMV and there are far too many variables in all of this 
(including, it sometimes seems, what direction the wind is blowing from 
or what color my office-mates might be wearing that day :-), but what 
works for you?  Do other people do early morning cardio exercise with 
success?  Exactly how?
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