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[IP] Sacral Neuropathy


 I haven't posted for a couple of years. I have been using an insulin pump
successfully for the past 3 1/2 years. This group was a great help when I first
started pump therapy.

 I hate to post an off subject topic, but I can't find information on this
subject anywhere else. I have been diagnosed with sacral neuropathy (S1 area).
The neurologist said, I have it on both sides without an H response. What are
the symptoms? Has any one in this group experienced it? I have severe pelvic
pain/urgency, so does sacral neuropathy cause those symptoms?

 My blood sugar levels have been extremely hard to control since I developed
this condition. In Summer 2001, Mayo said, the I was doing everything right, but
the diabetes was brittle. Many times, I wonder if it isn't just the pain causing
the elevated and unstable blood sugar levels. Recently, I started a very strong
combination of pain medications and they actually worked to relieve the symptoms
and my blood sugar levels improved tremendously.

 Please feel free to e-mail me directly at email @ redacted Again, I
apologize for posting off topic.

Andrea Seitz
Diabetic 34 of 36 years
Pumping 3.5 years

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