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Re: [IP] Recognizing insulin resistance ?

> Hi,
> Anybody have any comments or guidelines on recognizing insulin resistance?
> Is there some sort of benchmark to help you recognize the onset?
> I'm on a Paradigm, have switched to Novolog, and still seem to be
> consistently high. I'm currently on several heart meds because of a bypass
> year ago, and I don't know if that's keeping me high. (Not terrible,
> 180-200, high for me though).
> I also have had a cold for a while, and that is confusing me.

> ernie garcia


Your cold may be increasing your BGs.  I have been on heart meds for about
13 years now and that has not been a factor in my insulin sensitivity.  YMMV

Have you put on weight?  Sometimes that will decrease your sensitivity as

What has your pump trainer and/or your doctor said?

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