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[IP] Re: Recognizing insulin resistance ?

>I'm on a Paradigm, have switched to Novolog, and still seem to be
>consistently high. I'm currently on several heart meds because of a 
>bypass a
>year ago, and I don't know if that's keeping me high. (Not terrible,
>180-200, high for me though).
>I also have had a cold for a while, and that is confusing me.


I think that the cold is likely the culprit if this started around the 
same or sometime after you got the cold.  (I've had a cold now for over 
6 weeks, and only recently have my BG levels returned to be somewhat 

I also found that while I have been sick, my sites won't last as long. 
When I first put it in, I don't need as much insulin...but after the 
first 1 1/2 days, the site starts to become slightly sore, and I end up 
having to give a lot more insulin.  If is as if my body is "rejecting" 
the canula inside me, and in the process, preventing the insulin from 
working.  But, as soon as I change my site, it works fine again.

Prior to my cold, I did not experience this problem.  Also, this same 
thing happened to me when I got a cold last fall. Now that my cold 
is "winding down", I'm not having trouble with my sites not lasting.

In general, needing more insulin is not necessarily because you have 
been insulin resistant.  It could be that your body is producing extra 
glucagon (which is normal to a certain degree) due to a hormonal 
change, or infection, or medication.  So, you would require more 
insulin.  But, in such a case, your body isn't using the insulin any 
less effectively than it has in the past...it is just that your body is 
having more sugar in your system to deal with due to the glucagon 
causing the liver to release more sugar.  

Now, if the problems persists even if you aren't sick, under excess 
stress or increased level of activity, then I would certainly talk to 
your endo about it in case you really are becoming insulin resistant.

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