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When I first got my twin pumps I think I was too overwhelmedwith other info 
to realize I was supposeto be trading them off every 6 months.I never had 
any trouble either - but eventually they went in for maintenance and like 
you Dise gave me a new pump gratis after nearly 5 years.I had rusted out 
ports from doing water aerobics when the pumps were supposedly waterproof.  
They replaced the other pump too this year and wouldn't you know I had 
problems with both pumps at the same time- one had an 04 alarm problem and 
the other one was the old one and they were great about coordinating efforts 
to get my 88 alarm pump and the other pump fixed so I wouldn't be without 
one.  I never had an 88 alarm in 5 years - must've been added feature since 
I got my originals.

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