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Re: [IP] Insurance Battle to get my Cozmo

Sue and Sarah and Cliff and Michael -
(And everyone else!) Thanks for the kind suggestions
about dealing with insurance to get my Cozmo
covered....I haven't contacted Logimedix yet, I am
letting Deltec try their route first - I think they
are going to see if they can match what my insurance
pays for a similar pump that is provided by an
in-network provider - I asked Deltec about having my
Endo dispense the pump, but they didn't seem to think
that was a good idea.
It's been two weeks since I faxed my paperwork in..I
guess I should be patient but I've been having real
trouble with early am lows - I really think the pump
will help with that because I exercise in the evening
(only time I have time)....

Enough ranting, just wanted to say thanks to everyone
for their suggestions and for listening!

 - Anna 
in Seattle, dx'd 1979, Type 1, MDI until my Cozmo arrives!

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