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Re: [IP] Re: Sara Swims and a Rude Parent

Pam, Mom to All American Sara wrote:
> << Sara just saw the results of 10 months of non-stop work pay off. She
> in
> the Ohio State High School Swimming Championships this past weekend.
> She has weight trained hard three times a week, swum more yards than I
> begin to calculate, given up all teen foods and watched her diet like a
> checked BS's day and night without pause.
> She got her reward. To quote a  good luck card that I gave her  "While the
> others were kissin' butt you were kickin' it".

Yes, indeed she did get her reward for her hard work.
However , your consistent support also should be noted!  You did a good job
Mom!  My hat is off to you!

We too, endure the same challenges as your family, as my son chooses
football (9th grade), wrestling (varsity), and yesterday told me he is
weight lifting competitively (starting today)!  He makes the same commitment
as your daughter, and prides himself on his own achievements.  We also
suffer through the same ignorance from the public, however we have learned
to answer most questions with a question.  That usually weeds out the "smart
a**'s "!

Our congratulations to Sara!

Anna LADA dx00
Forrest 22 dx 99
Griffin 15 dx 90
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