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[IP] Early a.m. exercise question

Recently I (temporarily) changed my workout schedule and found myself 
doing a cardio workout early in the morning a couple of times a week. 
 Normally I do any exercise at lunch time or after work, and weekend 
activities such as hiking or skiing typically don't happen in the first 
couple of hours after waking up (although to be sure, they have their 
own quirky effects on my bS).

Normally, I run myself about 200 before doing an hour of cardio work (or 
have a snack shortly before that would raise me to 200, but don't 
bolus).  This works well for me.  However, with the early morning thing, 
it's all whacked out.  If I wake up high  -- unfortunately this happens 
sometimes -- and don't bolus and work out, I go even higher in the first 
30 minutes.  If I wake up with a good bS, have a snack and work out, 
again, I seem to go high.  If I wake up high, shoot it down with a bolus 
and have a snack, well, with only one data point, that seemed to work, 
but I can't count on waking up high and it was only one time.

I know YMMV and there are far too many variables in all of this 
(including, it sometimes seems, what direction the wind is blowing from 
or what color my office-mates might be wearing that day :-), but what 
works for you?  Do other people do early morning cardio exercise with 
success?  Exactly how?

Type 1 since '93, pumping since '95, MM508
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