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Re: [IP] Scary Experience

Recently when I had the norwalk/stomach flu thing that's running around,
I tried "Emetrol", an OTC nausea relief product, to get past the nausea
that I had for a couple of days.  I didn't have issues with low blood sugar
when I was battling whatever it was, but this stuff allowed me to sleep
and eat more comfortably.

The stuff worked great and is definitely cheaper and easier to use than
glucagon.  Might be worth a shot. <grin>


--- Cheri McCurdy <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Brian,
> Although we haven't tried this, my daughter's endo who is also diabetic
> and pumping, told us that if Amelia ran low on sick days and couldn't
> keep food down, to give glucagon with the small insulin syringes.  I am
> sure amounts given vary on body weight. Might be worth a try on the next
> low/sick day.

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