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[IP] triumph with diabetes/food police

Just wanted to share a triumph in the diabetes/food police battle:

A dear 60-something nurse I know has been beside herself about the way 
I'm messing with my diabetes control since I went on the pump two 
years ago. She knows I have had diabetes 40 years and have great 
control, buuuuuuuut

I gave her Pumping Insulin. I offered her web sites and videos. She 
KNEW what a diabetic was supposed to do and this isn't it!

Every time we were together at a meal or other food-related social 
occasion, she had a fit about me taking extra insulin to cover that 
food that wasn't on my diet.
At a Thanksgiving dinner she urged me to hurry up and get your food 
before you go low. I tried to explain that I was fine and that I had 
not yet taken the insulin for the meal. She was nearly in tears as she 
loudly told me, I wish you wouldn't take all that extra insulin! You've 
got to learn to eat right! You can't go taking insulin and eating 
anything you want! So I put my plate down and told her I would do as 
she said. No insulin, no food. It threw her for a loop and she stuttered 
something about an insulin reaction. I gave her a little hug and 
walked off. Several people (none of whom have a CLUE about controlling 
diabetes, or so I thought) witnessed the exchange and questioned HER 
(not me) about it. She reiterated all her concerns and then one of them 
said to her, Diana said the pump kinda works like a normal body. What 
does a normal body do when you eat? The light came on in my nurse 
friend's head. Somehow all the technical, medical, professional 
information had not registered for her. This simple concept did. I am so 

Our next conversations at meals included questions about how I knew how 
much insulin was needed for food, education about basal requirements and 
exclamations about the freedom offered by CSII. At our most recent meal 
together, she asked which would take more insulin, the potatoes or the 

So, at least SOME people Do catch on---and boy! does that make life a 
little easier!

dx 1962
set free by the pump 1/1/2001
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