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[IP] Cross Posting makes me CROSS!!!

As the mail administrator on duty, it has come to my attention that 
some of you have been "cross-posting" to several lists at the same 
time:    <email @ redacted>, Insulin Pumpers 
<email @ redacted>, Our Sweet kids 
<email @ redacted>

PLEASE, do NOT do this.  Whenever someone hits Reply All to one of 
these messages their post comes to me if they are not a member of the 
List at IP.   That then causes me to do an investigation of why it 
has "Bounced", different subscribed address, member deleted due to 
mail problems, etc.  This can be a great deal of work and out time is 
volunteered, we don't get paid to do this.

If you want to post the same message to several lists, address it to 
one, and right before sending it, make a copy which you can address 
to the other lists.  Send each post to an individual list and your 
few seconds of work can save me minutes out of my day.

Thank you,

George Lovelace
Volunteer Administrator
(who is sending a duplicate of this to the other lists)
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: