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[IP] Sara Swims and A Rude Parent

Sara just saw the results of 10 months of non-stop work pay off. She swam in
the Ohio State High School Swimming Championships this past weekend.
She has weight trained hard three times a week, swum more yards than I could
begin to calculate, given up all teen foods and watched her diet like a hawk,
checked BS's day and night without pause.
She got her reward. To quote a  good luck card that I gave her  "While the
others were kissin' butt you were kickin' it". Well, that describes this
She led a Medley Relay team with her fastest in all of Ohio 50 Breast sprint
to a second place finish...they were seeded sixth. She came out of nowhere and
placed fourth in the 50 Freestyle, brought the 200 Free Relay from a 6th place
position into first place with her blistering anchor position swim.
The best was a 2nd place finish in the 100 Breaststroke less than one tenth of
a second behind a senior, Sara is a Sophomore. She also did this with a broken
finger. She broke it on the pool wall early in the day in one of the races.
She has also made All American for her Breaststroke!

We are taking the month off and Sara is starting the whole training process
again. She wants to win States next year and break the currant state record.
She is only 1 second away form that.

Hope this emphasizes to all the kids with Diabetes out there that battle the
prejudices in sports etc. that they are just not "also rans" as members of a
team. They can lead and they can win.

We also ran into a MD who knows it all about Diabetes at this swim meet. He
was an E.N.T., so of course he would know all about Diabetes. He seemed
dismayed that we as parents participate in Sara's care and that she was
swimming. His face was "Oh, isn't that a lucky shot she got to the State
Championships, hope she is not too embarrassed at how tough it will be and not
upset at how bad she'll do."  It did not even dawn on him that Sara could have
been there last year, which she was, and that she could be a top contender. It
was not even on his radar screen.
He asked me once "Well, how can she do college?". I had no reply the question
seemed so stupid. I just said we will cross that bridge when we come to it,
but she wants to swim in college and we will do whatever it takes to help her
fullfill her dream. I mean gosh, she has two years until then. I think she
will do just fine.
Well, Our tiny team left their team in the wake and his nonDiabetic kid was
not even in the same pool as Sara. I think his kid was actually one of those
"also ran" participants. (I know, that was nasty.)
One thing you have to say for a Diabetic, when they decided they want to
achieve a goal they are not afraid of the hard work to get there. Every day is
hard for them already.
Mom to All American (I cannot believe she did it as a Sophomore!) Sara
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