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[IP] Re: Eye Sight Doubled-up ??

email @ redacted writes:
 > For the last week or so, my vision is doubled ( I see double , but not
> obvious side by side double vision, mine is up and down double). After
> testing quite a few times, it happens anywhere in the range of 4.3(77) all
> the way up to 17.5(315). Wonder if it's due to sugar swings ?
> Any one on this list had that before ???

I had double vision for about six months when in my twenties (now 63). It
was a neuropathy , a paralysis of the 6th cranial nerve, not uncommon in
diabetes.  I had to wear a patch over the affected eye so that I could keep
my balance.  It resolved  itself .  I don't know if that's what you've got,
but if it's an occasional thing, are you sure you are not spending too much
time on flight simulators? <grin>
Bonne chance!
Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
former Montrealer
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