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Sales techniques by sales reps (Was: Re: [IP] Re: LenLutz Disetronic)

> > I told them about the number of problems, ive seen here...
> > there response "it easy to leave anonymous mail"

Apparently they aren't familiar with how this list works.  Most people here
actually use their real names, or names that sound real.  Are we supposed to
assume that some crank signed up for the list under twenty different names
to complain about problems with MM pumps?

While I think that type of arrogance, and the kind of thing that started the
Disetronic thread ("Disetronic sells two pumps because you need them
both."), is horrible, I must say that not all MM sales reps operate that

I've dealt quite a bit with sales reps from MM, Disetronic, and Animas, and
have not yet bought any of their pumps (well, not this time around,
anyway!).  Each one has had reason to believe that they haven't made a sale
with me.  The only sales rep that did NOT resort to slamming the competition
and telling me how bad it was in comparison was the MM rep.  She simply
emphasized the selling points of her particular pumps and left the decision
up to me.

If I were giving my business on the basis of how the sales rep did his or
her job (and I'm not), MM would have my business hands down.

So, while MM gets a lot of slamming here for their sales techniques, in my
opinion, based on my experience (of course, YMMV), they are getting a bad
rap in that department.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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