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Re: [IP] Kids say the darndest things...

>  That was classic, HEHEHE I love the look on peoples faces when you pull
> pump out in public, it use too bother me but now I just smile and go on

What kind of looks do you get?

I'm not very observant and don't usually bother to notice what other people
are doing (or looking like) when I do my pump business.  I just do it and
move on.  But on the few occasions I have messed with it and had someone
comment, it is usually along the lines of, "Oh, is that your pager?"

I don't usually figure people have any clue what I am doing.  The only
possible reason for knowing is if they know what it is.  And if they know,
why would they react negatively?

And finally, if they do react negatively, their opinion is not worthy of any
consideration at all!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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