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Re: [IP] Horrible social experience!


It is incredible that someone who would aspire to work in healing arts with
people would make the innapropriate remarks that he did.

You might mention to him that since he was pursuing his residency, you were
a little surprised that he would be so sophmoric in his dealings with

Also, since he is pursuing OB/GYN he is most ulikely to know much about
endocrinology or pediatrics.  You could offer to have you endo. talk to his
supervising doctor to "enlighten" him about diabetes and pump therapy.
(More than likely your doctor will climb all over his supervisor for his
innapropriate remarks and Mr. Rude doctor-wanna-be will get an education
about diabets as well as appropriate conduct for a resident.)

As to the "cheating" remark. It seems incredible that any doctor would make
a remark like that.  I would ask him if he is cheating.  He ate the flan and
is pancrease put out more insulin in response to the rising blood sugar he
was experiencing.

So, it boils down to an OB/GYN resident who knows next to nothing about
diabetes and pediatrics.  Being a male he can only understand this field
intellectually and have no idea about what his patients experience.  You may
wish to sponsor him for diabetic education (which is normally taught by a
nurse).  Also, suggest that he change residency from OB/GYN to proctology.
He may be better suited to it since he has his head up his b*tt!


Who has dealt with enough doctors to not brook with rudeness.

PS.  The nurses will crucify him with an attitude like his.  A good nurse
can either make a doctor or destroy a resident.
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