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Re: [IP] Re:tubing??

Michael wrote:

> Depends on how much insulin you use. If you use say.... 35 units a
> day on the average, then if you fill the syringe in the pump FULL,
> then you only have to change the syringe once a week or even longer.
> The most convenient thing to do is apply a new set and hook the quick
> disconnect from the old set to the new one. Doing it the other way
> requires filling the syring, mechanically priming the syringe and
> tubing, inserting and "pump" priming the syringe+tube. It's not a
> giant amount of work, but if you add up a years worth, it's like
> sitting at stop lights :-)
> Thus.... there are a lot of left over tubes floating around.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

I thank you so much for that little bit of understanding.  Most

jon wagner
type whatever soon to be a pumper
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