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Re: [IP] Re:tubing??

> I am brand new to this list and to this discussion, I do not even
> get to train
>  with my pump till wednesday. But I seem to have missed something.
>  Why not use
> the tubing that comes with the stuff to use it with? Is there some
> advantage to using the tubing over and over rather than changing it
> with the canulas or the part that sticks into the insulin tube of
> the pump?  I am confused

Depends on how much insulin you use. If you use say.... 35 units a 
day on the average, then if you fill the syringe in the pump FULL, 
then you only have to change the syringe once a week or even longer. 
The most convenient thing to do is apply a new set and hook the quick 
disconnect from the old set to the new one. Doing it the other way 
requires filling the syring, mechanically priming the syringe and 
tubing, inserting and "pump" priming the syringe+tube. It's not a 
giant amount of work, but if you add up a years worth, it's like 
sitting at stop lights :-)

Thus.... there are a lot of left over tubes floating around.

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