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Re: [IP] Disetronic Users Only

At 08:08 PM 2/24/03, you wrote:
>In over 3 years, I've never had to use my second pump (Htron plus).  I've
>never had ANY problem with my MAIN pump.

I use both pumps (H-Tron+) regularly.  One during the winter months, one 
during the summer.  That way it insures that both pumps are working ok.  It 
would be bad to have one pump, that you've used all along, have to go in 
for service after and then find out there's a problem with the other 
one.  I was told to use both pumps.  I only sent one pump back in when it 
developed a couple hairline cracks and Disetronic sent me a BRAND NEW one 
to replace it.  No refurbished pump here.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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