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Re: [IP] Horrible social experience!

Man I hate when this happens. Obviously he wasn't qualified to be
making statements about diabetes but thought he was.
I've also had a lot of this happen to me. I have a surgeon in
my own family who thinks he knows things... and  he doesn't.

I went to a workshop once on self esteem and we did all sorts of person 
interrelationship work
and one of the things I learned is that when someone talks like that to me, 
especially if he
says it loud and obnoxious - I just sit back and realize that in his 
talking, he is giving me
information about himself, and not me. He's telling me through his word 
that he really doesn't
know very much about diabetes.

Then I start to feel sort of embarrassed for him because he's making such a
fool out of himself.  But even knowing this I still get flustered sometimes.
I end up saying something like "yeah - that's one of the problems with 
diabetes -
even a lot of medical professionals like you don't really understand it" 
Then I give
them some sources like ADA where they can learn about it.

I have several doctors in my family and one of them, a GP, started to 
explain to me once about
ketones and "how they are associated only with type 2" and "therefore  you 
are a type 2" then
I realized he was confusing type 1 and type 2. And then I felt really bad 
for him. AND THEN
I felt angry that I didn't correct him. A mistake like that might really 
hurt someone. 
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