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Re: [IP] Question for Athletes

 One way to prevent blisters that I learned while breaking in combat boots is to
get a pair of kneehigh nylons and spray you feet with hairspray first then put
on the nylons over which you would wear you normal running socks this has worked
for me for years as well as for my wife when she did the Disney Marathon last

> From: "A. Kelsey Metcalf" <email @ redacted>
> Date: 2003/02/24 Mon PM 12:13:27 EST
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> Subject: [IP] Question for Athletes
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> Hi,
> Well, I'm finally replacing my running shoes which I should have done maybe
> two years ago but kept putting off because I hate breaking new running shoes
> in.  As I get older and my years with diabetes gets ever closer to that
> quarter century mark, I get more and more nervous about the seemingly
> inevitable blisters that occur whenever I break a new pair of asics or
> sauconys in.  Anyone have any tips and tricks?  I don't have any issues with
 > healing and my feet (yet, knock on wood), but with each passing blister I
> like I'm tempting fate.  I appreciate hearing what other diabetics do when
> breaking in shoes and also when dealing with blisters without pausing their
> workouts.
> Thanks,
> Kelsey
> email @ redacted
> diabetic 21 years and counting...pumping for 1.5
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