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RE: [IP] Disetronic users only

>>any way, of you d-tron (or h-tron) users,
have you ever needed the backup ???? <<

I've been using Disetronic pumps for over 9 years now.  Had (2) H-Tron for 4
years, (2) H-tron Plus for 5 years, and got (2) D-tron plus in January.  The
only time I've used the back-up pump was this January.  My first pump had a
problem with the LCD display and I sent it back.  I received a NEW D-tron
plus pump about three weeks later.

Of course, I've used the second pumps when the clock runs out on the first
pumps - and they go back for technical inspection. All of the pumps have
come back from technical inspection with perfect ratings.


DX Type 1 1978...Pumping since 1983
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